Rituals In All That We Do

Rituals In All That We Do

Happy Fest Y’all!  

If you know anything about Louisiana, you might know that as soon as Mardi Gras is over, Festival Season begins.  Every weekend you can find a plethora of Festivals to attend that center around themes such as strawberries, French Quarter, seafood, and whatever other theme comes along.  It is what we call “culture or ritual.”

While walking around Jazz Fest, this sign was above the tent that housed the Mardi Gras Indians costume making, as well as Mardi Gras Dress makers, and Muse Parade shoes decorating.  All of these are traditions in Louisiana.

Rituals come in many forms. No matter what the ritual or tradition might be, these acts continue to bind us to one another.

As we are ending the spring semester, there will be special ceremonies, rituals, happening in many of our institutions of learning.  May the transitions from one phase to another happen wether it be initiations for fraternities and sororities, graduations, awards banquets, etc., may we celebrate the events that change our lives; may we thank the people who have helped to get us through these phases in our development, and may we all remember, that rituals do matter!


Mari Ann


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