This weekend I had the opportunity to speak to fraternity and sorority leaders from across the country.  I am always fascinated at how much they want to do the right thing and be leaders.  I also know we are asking them to do something that we as older adults struggle with. I have made a decision to try and do what Emma Watson shared with her iconic speech on gender equality to the United Nations. During her speech she said a quote that has really touched me. She said "if not me who, if not now when?" I have asked myself that question on many occasions. I am challenging myself and asking you to join me to do the same. Standing up for what is right is not easy, but it is our responsibility.  Let's celebrate with others, let's stand up for what is right, and let's take care of one another. Until next time, Dr. MAC  

Written by Mari Ann Callais

I am an educator, speaker, facilitator and consultant. I have been working with organizations and college campuses for more than 25 years. I believe in the power of the individual to change the world around them and I work to empower those to live values based lives.

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