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Stepping Up and Leaning In: A Woman’s Guide to Living and Leading the College Experience

From Ritual to Reality

Leadership Out Loud: Life Lessons for Success

Making the Most of Your College Experience

Recruitment Counselors: Keys to a Successful Recruitment

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Stepping Up and Leaning In: A Woman’s Guide to Living and Leading the College Experience
The possibilities are endless. As many educational opportunities exist for women, as for men. Women can enter into any field. Women work alongside men every day, sharing responsibilities in the workplace, home, and athletic fields. So why are women paid less, promoted less often, and oftentimes slighted when great accomplishments are made?
The women’s community on any campus is sizeable, often outweighing the men. Are the women standing up to their male co-leaders when an idea goes against the women’s values or policies? Are women still participating in degrading activities in order to be viewed as fun or attractive? Do women find themselves feeling unheard in different areas of student government or academic departments? It’s time to lean in!
Perhaps it’s time for women to “lean in”, taking an active role in their careers, relationships, and neighborhoods. And the best place to do that can be within the campus community.
Sheryl Sandberg’s book, “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” explores why women have a tendency to sit back passively when given the opportunity to step into leadership roles. Oftentimes, women don’t feel they deserve to be respected, or to hold a high-ranking position. Women are invited to the table, but in order to gain respect and achieve their goals, they must know how to come to the table effectively, with intention, confidence, and poise.
Dr. Mari Ann Callais has worked with women in various communities for over 25 years. In this dynamic keynote, Mari Ann will challenge women to stand up and be more respected by men, campus administrators, professors, their roommates, their friends, and themselves. By leaning in, women can take hold of their experiences and make a difference in the lives around them.
Customizable for new students or sorority audiences!

From Ritual to Reality
Using music and storytelling, Mari Ann offers a truly unique keynote about values, ritual and the responsibilities of being a lifetime fraternity or sorority member. For nearly a decade, she has built a legion of admirers with her fun, upbeat keynotes on fraternity and sorority values.
Fraternity and sorority communities have asked her to campus to discuss the importance of community service and ritual with new members. She is among the most popular retreat facilitators in the country. As the past national president for Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity, Mari Ann offers a unique blend of local and national perspective on sorority issues and has helped numerous Panhellenics deal with the issue of sorority hazing.
When you bring Mari Ann to campus, you bring a speaker who approaches fraternity education in a completely unique way. She brings her guitar and uses music to create a relaxing environment. Students rate her keynotes highly because she talks with students, not to students. She can lead them in goal-setting one minute, then lead them in a sing-along of Jimmy Buffet songs the next. By sharing her experiences and observations, Mari Ann helps fraternity and sorority members explore their values and their reasons for being part of a fraternity or sorority.

Leadership Out Loud: Life Lessons for Success
When you think of leadership, is it something you know or something you do? More than likely, it’s both. Many people hold leadership positions, but do they understand what leadership truly means? Dr. Callais has more than 25 years of experience teaching, facilitating, and leading organizations toward providing more effective experiences. She has led a national organization, once close to extinction, to become the successful, thriving organization it is today. She has taught teams, both in the corporate world and in campus communities, to communicate more effectively and motivate their members to lead with integrity..
This program is applicable to residence life trainings, campus activities, leadership, professional staff development, and even graduate student development.
Dr. Callais has worked with student organizations on both community college and university campuses. She has served a faculty member teaching student affairs leadership and student development classes as well as freshman leadership courses. Additionally, she has served as the National President of her sorority, worked with youth groups and summer camp programs, and countless national leadership organizations. Her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Research has helped Dr. Callais understand college students and the professionals who work with them, not only because she has read about leadership, but also because she has lived it.
Learning Outcomes
Team building strategies and techniques
What motivates people to step up and lean in to being leaders that lead with integrity, and how to develop these types of leaders
How to market the leadership experience they are having
How to improve communication in order to create more positive environments within their organizations, staff, etc.

Making the Most of Your College Experience
This keynote is great for new student orientation, parent programs and first year experiences programs. Using tips from her chapter “Making the Most of Your College Experience” in the book Roadmaps to Success in College, Mari Ann shares her experiences from both a professional and personal perspective.
This keynote is upbeat, entertaining, motivational and educational.
Other Services Provided by Mari Ann
As a result of her experience as a former fraternity/sorority advisor, faculty member and volunteer for her sorority as well as others, Mari Ann can assist with other aspects of campus life:
Helping to build conscience and developing ideas to assisting Fraternity/Sorority Councils with how to work together as a community
Assisting chapters with evaluation of their current chapter health and how to develop a plan to be successful
Assisting chapters on how to educate and how to teach ritual and the application of our values
Leadership retreat facilitation

Fraternity & Sorority Housing



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