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Let’s Be About It: Centering the Ritual in our Personal and Organizational Actions
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As members of fraternal organizations, we learn the history, traditions, and rituals of our groups. We are taught to learn the information in much the same way as those who have come before us; names, facts, dates, creeds, and mottos.

But there must be more, much more, to membership than just memorization.

In her signature program, Let’s Be About It, Dr. Mari Ann Callais challenges us to return to the core of what we believe, our ritual, as a guide for the actions we should take as members. Having decades of personal, professional, and academic expertise on this topic allows Dr. Callais to make meaning of ritual (or ceremonies) for new, current, and lifelong members of our organizations.

It is not enough to talk about who we are and what we believe…it’s time for us to be about it.

Ideal Audiences

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Alumnae/i Engagement

Audience members will…

Explore the core elements of ritual as it relates to Sorority and Fraternity membership

Consider ways in which we can make our rituals serve as guides for action

Develop an understanding of how we as individuals and groups can infuse ritual into all of our choices

Audience members will…

Distinguish between “fitting in” and “belonging” for prospective members of organizations

Clarify how belonging in actualized in community, purposes, and bonds

Explore ways in which members can share organizational identity/identities to prospective new members

Ideal Audiences

Membership Development


Community Colleges​

It’s Not About Fitting In: Building True Belonging in Student Organizations
Keynote | Workshop | Virtual | Retreat

*Ask about how this program can be tailored for Recruitment Training

When done correctly, our organizations are places of belonging. A place where members find community, purpose, and bonds that can last a lifetime.

What we know about belonging has changed in the last few years; previously the conventional wisdom said it was about finding a group where we feel we fit in and joining. Simple, right? Not so much.

In this new signature program, Dr. Mari Ann Callais shows how our organizations can take lessons from our collective experience of the pandemic, how we have adapted to maintain and develop connections, and apply them to the needs of all new and current members. It isn’t about fitting in, rather about asking members to be who they already are and ensuring they find a home in our organizations.

At its core, that’s what true belonging is all about.

Lean In and Take Up Space!
Keynote | Workshop | Virtual | Retreat

For years, women have been taught to lean in. This concept was first introduced and popularized by Sheryl Sandberg and has been at the heart of most discussions of women’s empowerment ever since. This is great advice and Mari Ann believes it is effective for leadership, advancement, and personal development.

But we can’t stop at leaning in; because, after we lean in, we must take up space!

In this dynamic, thought-provoking signature program, Mari Ann Callais works to lay the foundation for the leaning in process but also what the best next steps are to ensure academic, organizational, and professional success. Through wit, humor, powerful storytelling, and actionable steps, Mari Ann shows how the next generation of great leaders will be seen, heard, uplift others, and occupy space at every leadership table.

Ideal Audiences

Women’s Empowerment

Leadership Development


Community Colleges​

Audience members will…

Consider the “lean in” process and how it can apply to personal and organizational development

Clarify the relationship between leaning in and taking space as it relates to leadership

Develop strategies related to occupying space and how it connects to overall academic, organizational, and professional success

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